Master of Business Administration

MBA Classroom

42 semester credits required to complete MBA.
51-54 additional credits will be required to complete the MBA with the chosen emphasis. 

Orientation Course
BSNS6000. Orientation (0)

Foundational Courses (9 credits)*
BSNS6002. The Business Environment (3)
BSNS6003. Business Financial Systems (3)
BSNS6004. Business Processes and Systems (3)

Core Courses (33 credits)
BSNS6001. Quantitative Methods (3) 
BSNS6011. Managerial and Cost Accounting (3) 
BSNS6021. Management Law (3) 
BSNS6031. Corporate Finance (3)
BSNS6101. Organizational Dynamics (3)
BSNS6122. Management Information Systems (3) 
BSNS6132. Managing in a Global Economy (3); or,
BSNS6142. Managing in a Global Economy (International Experience) (3)
BSNS6162. Ethics in Management (3) 
BSNS6172. Leadership Development (3) 
BSNS6302. Strategic Marketing (3) 
BSNS6902. Strategic Management (3)

Accounting Emphasis Courses (15 credits)
ACCT6012. Accounting Ethics and Related Regulatory Issues (3)
BSNS6011. Managerial and Cost Accounting (3)
ACCT6013. CPA Auditing (2)
ACCT6014. CPA Business Environment and Concepts (2)
ACCT6015. CPA Financial Accounting and Reporting (3)
ACCT6016. CPA Regulation (2)

* Foundational courses may be waived for students entering the program with a business degree earned from a business program having AA or ACBSP accreditation.