Master of Business Administration

MBA Classroom

33 semester credits required to complete the MBA without an emphasis.
Up to 48 credits will be required to complete the MBA with a chosen emphasis area.

Orientation Course
BSNS6000. Orientation (0)

Core Courses (33 credits)
BSNS6001. Quantitative Methods (3) 
BSNS6011. Managerial and Cost Accounting (3) 
BSNS6021. Management Law (3) 
BSNS6031. Corporate Finance (3)
BSNS6101. Organizational Dynamics (3)
BSNS6122. Management Information Systems (3) 
BSNS6132. Managing in a Global Economy (3); or,
BSNS6142. Managing in a Global Economy (International Experience) (3)
BSNS6162. Ethics in Management (3) 
BSNS6172. Leadership Development (3) 
BSNS6302. Strategic Marketing (3) 
BSNS6902. Strategic Management (3)

Accounting Emphasis Courses (9 credits)*
ACCT6013. CPA Auditing (2)
ACCT6014. CPA Business Environment and Concepts (2)
ACCT6015. CPA Financial Accounting and Reporting (3)
ACCT6016. CPA Regulation (2)

Healthcare Emphasis Courses (9 credits)
NURS6110L. Leadership Perspectives for Advancing the Profession of Nursing (3) - first 5 weeks of fall
NURS6120. Population Health & Inter-professional Collaboration (3) - second 5 weeks of fall
NURS6130. Healthcare Systems and Health Policy (3) - third 5 weeks of the fall
Info: The Healthcare Emphasis is offered during the fall semester every year. Each course is 5 weeks long and they are scheduled right after one another. For more information about these courses please visit the catalog.

Religion Emphasis Courses (17 - 19 credits)
PHIL7290 – Reflecting on Character: Philosophy and the Christian Life (4)
PRTH6140 – Introduction to Ministry & Culture (4)
PRTH6180 – Introduction to Spiritual Formation (4)
PRTH6840 – Missional Discipleship (4)
BSNS6994 - Special Topics (1-3)

Sports Management Emphasis Courses (9 Credits)
BSNS6880. Sports Finance (3)
BSNS6881. Sports Management and Compliance (3)
BSNS6882. Administration & Supervision of HPERD (3)
BSNS6883. Sports Economics (3)
BSNS6884. Sports Management Internship (3)

Foundational Courses (9 credits)**
BSNS6002. The Business Environment (3)
BSNS6003. Business Financial Systems (3)
BSNS6004. Business Processes and Systems (3)

* See CPA Preparation section for required prerequisites.

** If you do not have an undergraduate degree in business earned from a business program having AA or ACBSP accreditation, you may be required to take 3 foundation business courses as part of the MBA program.